The Lackawanna-Susquehanna (L-S) 
Behavioral Health Intellectual Disabilities Early
Intervention (BHIDEI) Program
serves more than 13,000 individuals
through various providers of
behavioral health and 
intellectual disabilities services.

The program's service area consists
of two Northeastern Pennsylvania 
counties - Lackawanna and
Susquehanna - which have
a combined population of more
than 255,000 residents.

The BHIDEI program was started
in 1967 under provisions of the 
Mental Health and Mental 
Retardation Act passed by the 
Pennsylvania Legislature.

Each year, LSBHIDEI spends nearly 
$67 million in public funds to make sure the behavioral health and intellectual disabilities needs of its service area communities are met.

The program's primary goal is to facilitate the inclusion and full participation of all persons with behavioral health in their local community.

It organizes itself to proactively address the planning, development, procurement, management, and evaluation of services, thereby enhancing consumer satisfaction and positive personal outcomes.

And finally, the BHIDEI program assumes a leadership role in collaboration with consumers, families, advocates, providers and local government to ensure full participation of persons in their communities.

For a complete overview of the BHIDEI program, see our Overview page.

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